Portal Playground Swings

Swings that children keep coming back to

Of all play activities, swinging is a favourite. Whether it’s for a quiet moment alone on the swing or if it is for wild play with a group of friends, children just love it!  

Apart from being great fun, swinging trains children’s agility, balance and coordination as well as their spatial awareness. These motor skills are crucial to being able to judge distances and navigate traffic safely. 

KOMPAN’s portal swings have a stylish look with a powder-coated frame and a galvanised top bar. The portal swings are a modern update on a traditional favourite. 

The swings are available in three heights: 2.0m for preschool, 2.5m and 3.0m for school age playgrounds. This highly modular system makes it possible to offer multi-bay swings with as many additional bays as you wish. Each section can be equipped with a wide range of Swing Seats like: Standard, BabyToddler, Cradle or Shell and Rope Nest Seats. Anti-wrap suspensions are available for both Standard and Cradle Seats – and furthermore, these swings are timeless pieces that can be used by children of all ages, and even by adults.


What does swinging encourage?

There are actual benefits that come with this traditional piece of playground equipment. Swings encourage physical developments and even have an emotional impact. 

The combination of e.g. a Shell Nest Seat with two single swing seats is a hit: children love it, as it can be played on individually or together. It facilitates laying, seated, and standing swinging, alone or together. It is a great facilitator of fun rough-and-tumble play. The seats cater for multiple users of all abilities and most ages, day after day, for hours and hours.


How flexible are portal swings?

Our range of swings are modern, flexible and highly durable, as well as designed for all ages and abilities. 

The portal swing frames are modular, making it possible to create multi-bay swings with as many additional bays as you want. The portal frames are available in both galvanised as well as coloured versions.


Need advice?

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