Other Playground Swings

Swinging together - the more the merrier!

Not only is swinging the most popular activity for school age children but swinging together is an irresistible invitation for all children to play – and at the same time train important and vital skills. 

Swinging trains important physical skills such as balance, coordination and muscle strength. This includes timing, rhythm and the sequencing of movements to avoid or meet each other in the middle. These are important skills in ball games and other sports. They also help children manage streets and traffic securely. 

The socio-emotional effect of swinging together cannot be overestimated. The soothing or wild swing movements cause both thrill, laughter and relaxation. 

Also, social skills are improved when children negotiate and cooperate on the direction of swinging and in showing consideration for the limits of others.

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What other kind of swing types are available?

The Five Way Swing is a fantastic play encourager, and swinging together, five children in a circle, is hugely attractive. 

The size and appearance of the Cocowave Pendulum Swing is an irresistible invitation to play. The robust, oblong coconut rope allows for swinging from a seated, lying or standing position and it takes teamwork to make the coconut swing rope move.

The Dino Swing is attracting children like a play magnet. The multiple directions in swinging high together, make the children return for more play, over and over again. The tyre seat has room for more children to be seated or standing while swinging. 

The Giant 360 Swing with Nest is an awe-inspiring and attractive play piece, that swings high and in multiple directions. The spacious swing nest seat, with room for many children to be seated, standing, or lying down, makes the swing seat usable for all, with or without assistance.


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