Embankment Slide

WOW! The long, classic KOMPAN embankment slide invites fun play activity for all children and those childish at heart. On the embankment run loop, children will run up and slide down again and again. Sliding on the embankment slide is an extra fun experience, as friends can run up or down next to their friends who are using the slide. There is room for many and for different ages and abilities. The embankment hill is a great place for rolling or running, too. This is fun, playful cardio training for children. When children slide, they are training their core muscles, sitting upright while rolling down. This stimulates trunk stability, important for avoiding back and neck pains, a growing problem in children due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Running uphill or downhill, children train their balance and coordination as well as their muscle strength. They develop risk management skills, too, holding back or letting go downhill.



Product number: M385

Art: Slides

Series: Freestanding Play Equipment

3 - 8


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Our aim is threefold: to create a WOW reaction that stimulates a desire to STAY and, through play physically and mentally, DEVELOP - learn more in our video about play.

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