The fun thrill of rocking

What’s better than rocking? Rocking together with a friend! KOMPAN’s seesaws add a social dimension to the joy of rocking. Children can rock together and develop their social skills, either in pairs or in larger groups. Rocking on a seesaw trains the children’s muscles and motor skills, their balance and coordination. The fun thrill of rocking, individually, in small or in big groups, will make children return for more. The spacious design and sturdy back and foot support allow many children of all abilities to play together. The thrill seekers can securely stand on the middle platform and sense the risk and the movement of the others. The spacious platform also encourages socialising and allow children to lie or sit down. There is enough room for caregivers too.

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We all know and love the seesaw. It’s a classic piece of playground equipment. We offer quality seesaws in different shapes and sizes, including the Butterfly Seesaw designed to ensure safe play for many children.

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