Balancing & Climbing

Balancing and climbing playground equipment - Beautifully simple

They are amongst the most basic of playground features, but, in terms of development, they are also amongst the most vital. Navigating across three or more steps, or along a three-meter beam, requires focus, with concentration governing balance and visual interpretation. The KOMPAN balance and climbing range is a playground stripped bare of theme and colour, it is a naked gym for the skills of life.

Balance cannot be taught, but it can be developed – it is important in just about every aspect of life. Great footballers are often defined by their sense of balance, a young mother carrying her child automatically counter-balances for safety, an elderly person out shopping relies on it to safely enter and exit the escalator. Climbing brings in another set of skills with some surprising consequences. The ability to read has been linked to the need to cross-coordinate hands and feet when climbing. Basic equipment that is beautifully simple.

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