Balancing and climbing playground equipment

Balancing and climbing playground equipment - Beautifully simple

They are amongst the most basic of playground features, but, in terms of development, they are also amongst the most vital. Navigating across three or more steps, or along a three-meter beam, requires focus, with concentration governing balance and visual interpretation. The KOMPAN balance and climbing range is a playground stripped bare of theme and colour, it is a naked gym for the skills of life.

Balance cannot be taught, but it can be developed – it is important in just about every aspect of life. Great footballers are often defined by their sense of balance, a young mother carrying her child automatically counter-balances for safety, an elderly person out shopping relies on it to safely enter and exit the escalator. Climbing brings in another set of skills with some surprising consequences. The ability to read has been linked to the need to cross-coordinate hands and feet when climbing. Basic equipment that is beautifully simple.

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In planning a playground, balancing tools are useful in ‘gluing’ themes together, linking one aspect to another like a conjunction. 

KOMPAN’s freestanding range is the fun-filled route to starting, complementing or completing the perfect playground. The standalone options are as broad in variation of purpose and style as they are in materials. They range from the traditional classics of the slide and swing, but viewed with progressive eyes, to the expansive thrills of the cableways or the adventure-generating opportunities for toddler play.

Outdoor play is amongst the best and most valuable forms of development activity. If there are any positives from the global lockdown of 2020 it is in the realisation of what it means to get out and enjoy life and the importance of fresh air in terms of basic health. 

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How do we know what we need?

Our sales team knows the product line inside out. Having viewed these web pages, contact them as the starting point, and from there we can filter your needs into the perfect package.

Can we plan a playground that is installed in phases, over a few years even?

Yes, whilst it is great if you transform an area into the complete playground in one go and that means reduced long-term overheads, thinking ahead and phasing-in new features over time keeps the area fresh and attractive. Some large playgrounds have grown out of a single swing and a slide or a stand-alone feature. Egeskov Slot, a castle in Denmark is a classical build-upon-build story. The life-long durability of KOMPAN playgrounds means that they continually add new features. At Egeskov they often make room by re-siting one favourite and replacing it with the latest KOMPAN products.

Does this equipment need constant supervision?

That’s a question that can apply to most play situation, in fact to most things in life. If you believe the children are capable and responsible enough to cycle, they should be able to play. From a potential injury point of view, the balancing and climbing equipment are no more hazardous and in fact less risky than riding that bike, especially if the surfacing is something like KOMPAN’s Flexotop™ - which not just brings safety to the play area, but colour, design and play opportunities.

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