Octa Net XL

With its impressive height and transparency, the Giant Octa Net intensely motivates children to climb up high. The feeling of achievement when having climbed to the top is phenomenal. Due to the movement of the structure children's climbing movements sway the net, creating thrill making children want to come back again and again to have more of the bouncy, climbing fun. Climbing the bouncy, interdependent meshes of the transparent net is challenging and trains important motor skills e.g. balance and coordination. These motor skills are fundamental to sitting still or navigating traffic safely. Major muscle groups are used when children climb the Giant Octa Net : arms push and pull, legs push and the core provides stability as the children cling onto the ropes. The Giant Octa Net trains courage and self regulation, skills necessary for children's social-emotional development.

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Octa Net XL



Product number: COR43481

Category: Spacenets™

Product Type: Corocord™ rope playground



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