Tree Top Walk

The amazing Tree Top Walk is an awe-inspiring play attraction for children and parents alike. The climbs, wobbly walks up high and not least the wildly thrilling slide down attract children again and again. The view from up high adds spatial awareness, and thanks to the transparent nets, interaction with peers or parents on the ground is possible. The wild climbs, balancing acts and slide rides stimulate children's cross-coordination skills, their balance and spatial awareness as well as provide huge amounts of fun. These motor skills are all important for future life skills such as navigating traffic securely and judging distances. Climbing this high is great exercise for major muscle groups, and the repeated climb up and slide down keeps children active. The spectacular Tree Top Walk allows great views over the park and play-ground, and play thrills for the family.

Tree Top Walk



Product number: COR10470

Category: Sky Play

Product Type: Corocord™ rope playground



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