Large Octa Net with Sky Cabin

This intriguing play space will immediately attract children to play and explore the many physical challenges it has to offer. The carefully designed Octa Net challenges children to explore the space by using their muscles for a climb to the top, and the reward of the Sky cabin and the thrilling slide down, to start the adventure over again. The repeated climbing and sliding will strengthen physical endurance, as well as aerobic and cardio capacity. The variety of routes to take up and around the Octa Net helps children to develop their logical thinking skills in conjunction with their physical skills. The large capacity climbing net provides opportunities for children to socialize and strengthen relationships through play. The sky cabin provides a place for rest as well as social interaction that will inspire hours of joyful physical activity.

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Large Octa Net With Sky Cabin



Product number: COR10320

Category: Sky Play

Product Type: Corocord™ rope playground



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