Giant Spacenet with Cabin

The Giant Spacenet will bring the WOW factor to any playground. It is full of climbing challenges combined with thrill and reward from every angle. The carefully designed net is scaled to invite beginners as well as more seasoned climbers to build agility, balance, and strength, the ABC of motor skills, as well as train spatial awareness and proprioception. These are motor skills that form the basis of essential life skills such as navigating traffic safely. The den capsules are placed to function as meeting points for small groups offering a resting space to enjoy the view before the long rewarding slide down to ground level to begin the adventure all over again. The Giant Spacenet is thrilling from top to bottom and from all angles for children and parents alike.

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Giant Spacenet With Cabin



Product number: COR10410

Category: Sky Play

Product Type: Corocord™ rope playground



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