Swaying Bridge

The Swaying Bridge is a huge invitation to play for older children. The swaying movements and open, asymmetric steps makes passing the Swaying Bridge exiting and thrilling. The slick unit boun-ces back to the child’s movements, adding an element concentration to passing. Passing the Swaying Bridge trains the sense of balance and space.  These motor skills are fundamental for cognitive skills such as concentration. The social dimension of the Swaying Bridge is strong: when children pass each other on the bridge, they actively use turn taking skills and negotiation. The steps are used as seats, too. The bouncy feel of friends walking the net, while you are seated, adds a dimension of interconnectedness to the play on the bridge. This supports meeting and exchanging, important for social skills. 

Colour options

Swaying Bridge

Red, Bamboo


Product number: COR15012

Art: Agility Nets

Series: Corocord™ rope playground

5 - 12


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