Climbing Ramp

The WOW of the Climbing Ramp is evident: Going up and down the bouncy membrane climbers is fun in its own right. Hanging in the arms from the upper ropes, swaying when other children climb, is a great feeling.  The variety of climbing, bouncing and swaying will attract children and teenagers again and again. Apart from being great fun, the Climbing Ramp supports the training of agility, balance and coordination and upper body muscles. This is fundamental for body control the and security in movement. The Climbing Ramp stimulates important social-emotional skills, too. When children climb on both sides of the membrane, they need to pay attention to other children and consider their move-ments. This is important in training  cooperation, communication skills and turn-taking.

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Climbing Ramp



Product number: COR15022

Art: Agility Nets

Series: Corocord™ rope playground

5 - 12


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