Outdoor fitness equipment for colleges and universities

An outdoor fitness area will take the pressure of the busy indoor gym and give students an equally g

An outdoor fitness area will take the pressure of the busy indoor gym and give students an equally great place to be active - in the fresh outdoors

Exercising on KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment will give the users an equally intense workout as they would get in an indoor gym. All our outdoor fitness equipment is developed using university research and user involvement.     

Creating an outdoor fitness area at a university or college will not only serve as great attraction for coming students, it will also provide great value for current students with more gym space, and more room to practice in groups for education purposes. 

The University of Sussex, UK created an outdoor fitness area 

The team at the University of Sussex Campus Sports Centre were looking to provide an outdoor fitness area to help enhance all areas of performance sport at Sussex, as well as offering a free resource for the campus community during general opening hours. Supported by the Sussex Alumni and Friends of the University, the aim was to also provide a space that could support the very busy gym, giving the students an area outside where they can be active.

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