Taking fitness outdoors

KOMPAN Strength Training is fitness as you know it from indoors - in the great outdoors.

We use the same biomechanics and resistance mechanics known from indoor fitness, but we have added the necessary features for safety in unsupervised areas, durability to last in the outdoors, and optimised simplicity to accommodate all users. 

Engineered by outdoor experts

KOMPAN has created equipment for the outdoors for more than 50 years. A knowledge that reflects in the design of the strength training equipment. 

All moving parts, including the mechanical stops, are protected by a durable and fully closed cabinet. The elements inside the cabinet are made of aluminum, stainless steel or galvanised steel. As a result, you get a extremely durable system where normal dangers like corrosion and damage from extreme weather conditions are highly unlikely to occur. 

Creating the indoor fitness experience in the outdoors

Was quite the challenge. But we've solved it. Learn how in the video.  



Attract and retain members with outdoor fitness

The desire and demand for being more in the outdoors has never been greater. By offering your members the same great fitness experience they know and love from the indoors - outdoors, you will take a giant leap ahead of your competition. 

Research shows that being active in the great outdoors increases attention, energy and a positive mood while decreasing negative moods and tiredness.   

Morten Zacho

Senior Manager, KOMPAN Fitness Institute

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