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KOMPANS Doctorial student at Play, Thea Toft Amholt, won the PhD-Cup from The University of Southern Denmark.


In the PhD project ‘Motivating Playgrounds’, Thea Toft Amholt, does research on how 9-12 year olds use playgrounds, and how playgrounds may be the key to creating more physical activity in some of the least active children. In the project, children are observed and monitored using GPS trackers. So far, Thea has mapped the activity and observed more than 1000 children. Thea has a background as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen. 

The PhD project is made in a collaboration between KOMPAN and the research unit Active Living at SDU and will be completed in 2023.




Head of KOMPAN Play Institute Jeanette Fich Jespersen, in the middle, is naturally very proud.

"Thea has done a unique job in observing and mapping for us more than a thousand 9-12-year-old children´s play and physical activity in the playground and on play equipment.

The result is a thorough documentation of children’s play preferences and play retention. Evidence of children's actual play behavior is fundamental in creating truly exciting and family-friendly play equipment and playgrounds.


Thea’s research is essential in designing for happier, healthier communities with KOMPAN playgrounds."






Head of KOMPAN Play Institute Jean

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