A funpoint and place to rest in one

A hammock may look simple, but it offers so many play scenarios in one. A resting place, a place to meet and socialise and a place to sway and play wildly with friends. It's all up to the children and their mood and imagination.


Play for children of all abilities

The Hammock encourages children of all abilities to join the play. Children can socialise by pushing each other in the hammock and lying there together. Children in wheelchairs can get up close to the hammock and give their friend a gentle swaying in the hammock. 

Made of the highest quality materials

Stainless steel swing hanger


The swing hanger is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and provide high durability. The post are of hot dip galvanised steel and come with a 10 year warranty. 

EcoCoreTM HDPE panels


The panels on each end of the hammock are EcoCoreTM HDPE panels and are supported by a lifetime warranty.

Nylon PA connectors and Hercules PES ropes


The ropes are steel re-inforced and are connected with nylon PA connectors that provide a soft, comfortable surface to lay on. Both come with a 10 year warranty. 

A hammock is a wonderful play point. It's highly social, a place to rest in between play, and, it's inviting for children of all ages and abilities. 

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

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