The world's first outdoor Fitness Jumper

No matter if you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast or elderly, the new Fitness Jumper is fun and effective fitness for all.

Professional jumping fitness - outdoors

Professional jumping fitness - outdoors

The KOMPAN Fitness Jumper enables a high intensity workout where exercises known from indoor jumping fitness can be conducted. The handlebar offers support for beginners and adds the possibility to do high intensity power rounds with extra high jumps.

Did you know?

That Fitness Jumpers ...

  • are scientifically proven to improve your balance? …

  • are easy on your joints compared to running? …

  • have been shown to improve blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics? …

  • give you the same cardio workout as jogging? …

  • can be used safely by unfit, overweight and elderly persons?

Did you know?
That Fitness Jumpers ...

are s

The Fitness Jumper is designed to be fun, fun, fun... And of course effective and for everybody. 

Morten Zacho

Manager, KOMPAN Fitness Institute

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