Spread your wings and play

The Butterfly opens up for a world of climbing, sensory play and hanging out together. 


A new dimension of play, there is no beginning, no end

The rope net system offers three-dimensional climbing, rich in training proprioception, coordination and physical growth. The structural twists and turns allow the nets to translate geometric design into complex and tempting shapes that develop spatial awareness whilst opening a world of social fun.

Built to last with high quality materials


Steel structure

Hot dip galvanisation and a powder coated top finish provide an ultimate corrosion resistance in all climates around the world. Lifetime warranty on the galvanised structure, and 10 years on the paint.


Corocord rope

19 mm rope of the special 'Hercules'-type with galvanised six-stranded steel wires. The ropes are highly wear and vandalism resistant and can be replaced at site if needed.


Aluminium tighteners

The rope is attached to the large steel pipe by a unique KOMPAN designed tightening solution. Besides protecting the rope, it is smooth on the outside and easy to tighten if needed.



Friction-proof rubberized material of conveyor belt quality with excellent UV resistance. Embedded is a four-layered armouring made of woven polyester. 

Novel ways of climbing, shifting from horizontal to vertical looping patterns, will strengthen more than children’s muscles and motor skills. It will benefit their brains, too: research states that moving in new ways supports the working memory.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

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