New ELEMENTS™ GO - a whole new standard for fun and challenging play

Children are inherently curious and creative – and they love to be challenged! In fact, they need to be challenged safely to grow up and become resilient adults and entrepreneurs of the future.

Drawing on principles of challenging play, New ELEMENTS™ GO offers a unique play experience that shapes child development through safe challenges.

Rough and tumble play and feelings of height, speed and getting lost are both challenging and rewarding for the child. And learning to master body and mind impacted by these, is highly developmental and a great builder of self-confidence and resilience.

Progressive play challenges

The open-ended design sparks children’s creativity as they try to figure out a way up and around that fits their ability and willingness to be challenged. The transparent, 360 ͦ play design encourages the children to be curious and courageous in their approach to play.


New ELEMENTS™ GO play features

Feeling of height


New ELEMENTS™ GO contains play features and design elements designed to give children the feeling height. Transparency in elevated rope bridges, long distances between steps and longer links between platforms are key features in ELEMENTS™ GO.  

Feeling of speed


The thrilling feeling of speed is a great motivator for physical play. New ELEMENTS™ GO introduces speed-sensing play events to motivate the child to play longer and be challenged.  

Getting lost 


Where to start? How to proceed? Playing on ELEMENTS GO nothing is given and the child has to master the feeling of "getting lost" and use its imagination and innovative thinking skills.    

360 play


The curved panels in the New ELEMENTS™ GO series allows for what we call 360ͦ play. The panels challenge the child to be curageous and creative climb on the outside of the structure. And at the same time, they create a unique sense of space for quieter play on the inside. 

Ready to GO, GO, GO... in any environment


A colour theme for any environment

New ELEMENTS™ GO comes in 3 inviting colour themes using muted and mature colours. The strong design gives a New ELEMENTS™ GO play site a cool, adolescent look that sends an untraditional play signal and appeals to the age group.

You can select your next play site in a CLASSIC, URBAN or NATURE colour theme. Each colour theme is carefully designed to enhance its surroundings - either by being a natural contribution or by bringing something new to an environment. Take for example NATURE - this colour theme has the ability to enhance a nature setting with its earthy colours and organic shapes or help bring the look of nature into an urban setting. Or choose an URBAN theme to give your urban play site an extra cool look with different, strong-signalling colours. Or go with a CLASSIC look and let your play site enhance its surroundings by being a classic design icon that appeals to the vast majority.




The world lacks entrepreneurs. That is why we need to teach our children to master being challenged and grow up to become resilient adults and entrepreneurs of our future. The New ELEMENTS GO series is a perfect shaper of safe, challenges.   

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute


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