New Robinia Playhuts

KOMPAN introduces cozy playhuts to the world of nature play

To give especially the youngest children a cozy and comfortable play experience, the new Robinia Playhuts are made slightly smaller and more open than what you normally see in traditional playhouses. This allow the Playhuts to offer hours of deep and social play for children of all abilities, starting already from the age of 6 months. 

Inclusive design as standard

The Robinia Playhuts welcome children of all abilities. The complete ground level access inside and around allows children using wheelchairs and walkers to access and participate equally in the play. Caregivers and adults can interact with the child through the open design to provide an extra sense of security for the child.  

Great improver of language and social skills

The feature of the counter encourages dramatic play explorations. As the children play e.g. “shop”, “at the store” or “in the kitchen” they practice their language and social skills, ultimately improving their overall cognitive and creative development.




A playhut is cozy and comfortable, especially for the youngest. It offers hours of dramatic play explorations that trains the child's social skills and language development.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

KOMPAN Play Institute

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