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The key to creating popular outdoor spaces

Outdoor furniture plays an important role in our communities. But very often, the value of the simple bench in the park, on the playground or on the street corner is hugely overlooked when designing outdoor spaces. We all know the obvious benefit of outdoor furniture - a place for everone to rest, meet and socialise. But in fact, outdoor furniture also has the unique ability to unite communities and generations. A well designed outdoor activity space offering a mix of activity and places to rest and socialise is far more likely to become popular accross generations and abilities, than those who don't. 

KOMPAN Outdoor Furniture embraces all needs for designing beautiful and inclusive outdoor spaces.    




AGORA - the inclusive solution


AGORA is developed according to the latest inclusive design principles for outdoor furnishing. This unique design is inclusive as standard and sends a warm welcome to wheelchair users.

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RUMBA - the flexible solution


It doesn't get anymore flexible than Rumba. Built around simple circles and curves, this assortment can be adapted to provide custom built twist and turns to fit anywhere.

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CLASSIC - the timeless solution


The Classic assortment offers tables, benches and picnic tables in a timeless and classic look. The series is made of the low maintenance materials pinewood and hardwood.

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