New Cross Trainer

Indoor cardio classic taken outdoors

The popular cross trainer known from indoor fitness is now available for outdoor training.

With the best ergonomics on the market, KOMPAN's Cross Trainer gives an intense workout and even adds an extra intensity layer with a special sprint mode (glute mode) allowing a high-calorie workout to strengthen the gluteus and lower limbs while focusing on the core stabiliser muscles.

The KOMPAN Cross Trainer provides a safe, non-impacting workout without putting unnecessary stress on the joints. 

The Cross Trainer is designed to give users of all ages, physiques and fitness levels a cardiovascular training that keeps their heart rate above the needed 65% of their maximum heart rate. The intelligent technology automatically adapts the workout to the pace set by the user, securing that the user gets the proper resistance. Click to learn more about the science behind or watch video below.

Optional Touchscreen


Durable 7" LCD colour touchscreen with IK8 protection glass gives instant feedback on speed, resistance, time, burned calories etc. Resistance is adjusted from screen.

Connected experience


Users can connect via Bluetooth to the KOMPAN Cardio app and get access to instructional and motivational videos, store activity and share to external platforms.  


Sprint Mode


The Cross Trainer adds an extra intensity layer to the workout with a special sprint mode (glute mode) that allows a high calorie workout.  

New Cross Trainer

Built for the outdoors

Through 50 years of manufacturing equipment for outdoor activity spaces, we have experienced many inappropriate ways of using our equipment. Hence we make sure to use the most durable materials available and test alike. Watch video to join part of our test.  

The frame of the cross trainer is manufactured in hot dip galvanised carbon steel with powder coating, which makes it highly durable and ideal for outdoor usage. 

The touchscreen is made of IK8 protection glass, which is the same glass used for the protection of screens on ATM machines. 

The cover covering the resistance unit is made of the strongest materials on the market - Lexan Copolymer, making it highly resistant to both vandalism and wear and tear. The handle bars are treated with a topcoat of polyurea that gives a high surface strength and a good grip.


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