New Arm Bike

Get a proper upper body workout with the new Arm Bike that can be used seated, standing or from a wheelchair.

The new KOMPAN Arm Bike joins the family of our recently introduced innovative fitness bikes for the outdoors. It uses the same technology as the KOMPAN City and Sport Bike to make an effective, fun and motivating cardio exercise. However, instead of the legs, the Arm Bike activates the upper body.

Watch video to learn about the Arm Bike.

Designed to be inclusive
Wheelchair users can access from one side, and from the other side the bik

Designed to be inclusive

Wheelchair users can access from one side, and from the other side the bike can be used seated. This makes it ideal for cardio workouts for people not having full use of their legs. All upper body muscle groups are activated. Users can alternate between pushing and pulling since the resistance works in both directions. For rehabilitation, both weak and elderly people can increase arm and shoulder strength. 

The Arm Bike can also "shift gear" and be a valuable supplement to people normally doing lower-body cardio. With an adaptive resistance system, resistance automatically increases and becomes quite a challenge, even for the fittest of people. The automatic resistance system can be manually overwritten with the free KOMPAN Cardio app that connects via Bluetooth. 

Click here to read the news about the new concept for KOMPAN outdoor fitness bikes.

3 ways of using the Arm Bike


From a Wheelchair

The leaning-frame design makes it easy to access and possible to move in very close with a wheelchair. The adaptive resistance supports weak individuals and continues to challenge when getting stronger.



Ergonomic seat designed to support optimal position for short and long exercise sessions. The long and angled seat design caters for people of all heights – you simple move back or forward on the seat depending on your size.



The standing position is ideal for high intensity interval training. All muscles are activated at high pace, when the adaptive resistance system provides workloads that challenge even the fittest of people.

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