Play ball, have fun and be active with new Multi Use Games Area

KOMPAN Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) are designed to make dedicated room for popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, and badminton even when very little space is available.

Stand out or blend in with 40,000+ design options  

Designed as a flexible system to fit any environment and purpose, the new MUGAs carry a unique design that is able to blend in to any environment. The system is supported by a configurator that can adapt the size, style, play value, and choice of materials and accessibility in more than 40,000 ways. 

Let’s start building together!

Activities that inspire

Ball sports have the ability to bring a community together. Whether you like to  hang on the sidelines or stir up some healthy competition, MUGAs provide something for everyone.  

Creating the right sport playing setting enourages people to be active, have fun and build skills together.

Multi Use Games Areas are more than just a sports arena. All supported activities are team sports that promotes social inclusion and play for all! No matter if MUGAs are placed in the public park park, city center, local school or sports club, you can be sure they will become a main attraction for all players and spectators.

Design Features



Hot-dip galvanised steel structure with lifetime warranty combined with durable and maintenance-free design panels.



Real play at real regulation heights. The five different goal options follow the sport-specific regulations.



Post and panel assembly designed for a fully flat interior offering a better and safer play experience.

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85% plays sporadically

People of all ages love playing sports, but today it is not only happening the traditional way in clubs.

In 2006, FIFA did a survey to count the total number of soccer players. Their ‘Big Count’-report estimated 265 million people playing soccer. Of those, 226 million people were unregistered players playing occasionally for fun.

Playing for fun whenever you want puts demand on the accessibility of facilities. They need to be available at all times and conveniently for potential users.

Because of the size and flexibility, a local Multi Use Games Area is an ideal solution offering many sports at the same time to support many users at one time!

Watch demonstration of KOMPAN MUGA concept

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