Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in the Sports Club

MUGA in the Sports Club

Unorganized sports is a growing activity and outdoor sports are preferred when the weather is nice.

KOMPAN MUGA's are designed to offer a real sport experience in the outdoors. They create a great motivator to all who enter the facility or are just passing by.

In the video below, you can learn about the new KOMPAN MUGA system that can fit any sport setting
- clubs, gyms, universities and schools:

3 Tips for sport clubs

3 Tips for sport clubs

1. Design the outdoor area as a fully equipped facility offering all sports. Use it in the daily training, and keep it open for the public.

2. Use the configurator to choose HDPE Play panels with a plate design in club colours for more motivating play and better brand experience.

3. Use the facility to improve youth training. The facility size fits children very well, and it opens up for intense and lively play, while the coach has great overview at all times.

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MUGA in the Sports Club

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