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A world's first in playground play, the 2021 news, the Cliff Rider, features pole vaulting at a height of 2.5 metres


Dynamic in its look and play value, the new SkyTwister is an ever-changing playground tower. The posts turn and twist towards the skies, while the panels change colours with the light.


Playgrounds bring people together without the boundaries of creed, culture or age.


Historic train station of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles in France brought to life in 2020 by new tailormade play locomotive.


Multi-functional sand hoist encourages hours of cause-and-effect learning where the child grows an understanding of the action it takes and the reaction it gets.


The Butterfly opens up for a world of climbing with no beginning and no end.

Innovative-and-architectural-play-structures-such-as-the-Giant-Dome-spark-curiosity,-action-and-at-the-end-reward,-when-children-reach-the-top---Leipzig-(DE) - small for web.jpg

Innovative and architectural play structures such as the Giant Dome spark curiosity, action and at the end reward, when children reach the top - Leipzig-(DE)

New-innovative,-adjustable-and-digital-cardio-training-for-the-outdoors---Odense-(DK) - small for web.jpg

New innovative, adjustable and digital cardio training for the outdoors - Odense (DK)

Owl-Playground-is-an-example-of-new-wooden-sculptures-filled-with-play-value---Central-Park,-Prague-(CZ) - small for web.jpg

Owl Playground is an example of new wooden sculptures filled with play value - Central Park, Prague(CZ)

Playing-pirates-has-gotten-much-more-realistic-with-huge-wooden-ships-from-KOMPAN---Borgholm-(SE) - small for web.jpg

Playing pirates has gotten much more realistic with huge wooden ships from KOMPAN - Borgholm(SE)

Play-towers-are-taken-to-new-heights - small for web.jpg

KOMPAN GIANTS - Play towers are taken to new heights - 9 metres

  Spreading-health-and-happiness-for-all-ages - small for web.jpg

KOMPAN STAY FIT - Spreading health and happiness for all ages

This-9-meter-high-modern-treehouse-was-built-to-wow-and-attract-new-residents-to-a-completely-new-town-in-Australia---Aura-(AU) - small for web.jpg

This 9 meter high modern treehouse was built to wow and attract new residents to a completely new town in Australia - Aura(AU)