Maisons-Alfort, France

Robinia wood - a material that resists extreme weather conditions

Robinia wood - a material that resists extreme weather conditions

In Maisons-Alfort, a suburb of Paris, KOMPAN built a playground directly on the riverbanks that needed to endure potentially extreme weather conditions. The test came in the winter of 2018, when a tributary of the Seine burst its banks and flooded the playground completely. Thanks to robinia wood the playground resisted the flooding without a trace of damage or rot.

The tight-grained robinia is very stable and long-lasting, which means that it requires almost no maintenance. This makes it very durable and perfect for wet conditions. Six months after the flood, the playground was as it was at the start. Beside its durability, the attractive natural shapes and textures of the wood fit perfectly into its riverside urban environment.

Play-adventure in the robinia play village

Play-adventure in the robinia play village

Are you a pirate searching for new islands and adventures? The robinia play village products contain elements that inspire children to live out their fantasies and spur dramatic play. One of these is the wooden ship, which contains instruments such as binoculars or a steering wheel that stimulate the children's imagination and improve the development of speech and communication skills whilst they adopt different imaginary roles.

Since pirates live for adventure, KOMPAN integrated the double-tower, so that the quickest way to get from one tower to the other is by the ‘high’ net walkway. This fosters the feeling of balance and spatial awareness along with an added splash of dare devilment. Going down again offers choice; the easy swish of a slide or the curly climber that requires mobility and trains muscles.







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