King’s Kindergarten in Shenzhen, China

Unique playground for a modern learning environment

Unique playground for a modern learning environment

  • The cute and gentle Bear welcomes children every day and offers tons of play. With a height of 6 metres, it looks out to the entire neighbourhood. 
  • Modern kindergarten designed to be flexible and boundless from the perspective of children
  • 2000 m2 outdoor designed in conjunction with Manfred Yuen from GROUNDWORK Architecture
  • Different playgrounds surround the buildings with the Bear being the main piece
  • The bear design was chosen for its symbolic value as cute and gentle, and the crafted robinia wood harmonised very well with the design concept of the building.

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Bear filled with play inside and outside

Bear filled with play inside and outside

The bear is a playmate filled with challenging and entertaining play. Climbing rocks, inclined and connected nets – everywhere in the structure the different types of activities are incorporated to offer the children new fun challenges while aspiring to reach the top. The climbing activities train the children’s cross-coordination and strength, and the big mesh structures encourage children to sit together and socialize.

The height makes it possible for the children to challenge their own courage. This experience of progression both thrills and positively affects the children’s self-esteem. Those for whom the top is a step too far today, but maybe not tomorrow, there are the thrill and joy of just playing with the bear. With as many as three slides at different heights, the gentle bear makes sure that all children are rewarded with a tummy-tickling ride back down.














There is a little kid hiding in everyone’s heart and they want to climb and play freely. KOMPAN Robbi Bear makes it possible for kids living in the urban environment to get the chance to play and laugh as a kid. In addition, kids develop variety of abilities while playing.

Chengxiang Zhuang

School Manager

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