Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

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Inclusion in outdoor fitness

Inclusion in outdoor fitness is about creating training spaces that are useful and welcoming to everybody. This is achieved by reducing barriers and including a variety of exercise opportunities so that there will be a relevant use scenario for the widest possible extent of users – disabilities or not. It is important to underline that inclusion is not about creating segregated areas for specific users but about creating a truly integrated environment. This requires insights from research, design principles and dialogue with the actual users. 

KOMPAN Fitness Institute has conducted a white paper on how to work with inclusion in outdoor fitness.

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Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

Looking to design an inclusive outdoor gym? 

This site is created based on the principles of universal design. It works equally well for disabled, seniors, untrained and fit people. 

  1. Strength machines that can be used directly from a wheelchair
  2. Strength machines with easy transfer from a wheelchair
  3. Functional training directly from a wheelchair or from the ground
  4. Exercise items with support
  5. Different types of cardio
  6. Easy access, instructions, and rest options
  7. Use of bright colours and colour-coded zones
  8. A considered balance between openness and feeling safety

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