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How to ensure your gym's survival and making it future proof  

The commercial fitness market is currently being pushed to its very limit, facing a new, restricted reality. Keeping members motivated and engaged to return once restrictions are removed is key, but how?

A new reality calls for innovation and a new approach to the indoor gym experience. Establishing an outdoor fitness area using equipment with the same good quality as you have indoors, will allow you to expand your gym experience and offer your members an attractive outdoor workout that follows the contemporary trend of seeking the outdoors to exercise on a greater scale.  

One of Europe's largest fitness centres, Freilassing Sportpark, has created an outdoor fitness site as a supplement to indoor training, and the members love it. This outdoor facility has become a huge competitive factor for the Sportpark that helps retain members and keep them motivated.

Can I offer you my advice?

I would like to offer you my help on how you can ensure your gym's survival and growth facing the new, restricted reality as a gym owner.

My advice is founded in knowledge as a gym owner, a personal trainer, a physical therapist and being the pioneering force in outdoor fitness. All in all, I have more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry.

Send me an email and schedule a free one-on-one 30 minutes session to discuss your business and the challenges you face. I will give you my advice and a fresh perspective on how you can move forward. Completely non-binding. 


Create a complete outdoor gym



Adjustable cardio equipment which is equally good as your indoor equipment but built to be outdoors. 

Cross Training


Functional and scalable Cross Training equipment for unsupervised outdoor usage.

Street Workout


Bars and Benches to create space for the fastest growing sport in Fitness.



Rigs to create a functional training space for your Barbells, Ropes, Elastic bands in the outdoor.

Real fitness designed for the outdoors

The market for outdoor fitness is sadly booming with what we call ineffective fitness - equipment with the look of fitness, but offering no workout at all. KOMPAN only delivers real fitness equipment that offers an equally intense workout as what you would expect from indoor fitness.

How can we know?

Because we do research and user test all equipment we manufacure to make sure they live up to the highest standards. E.g. KOMPAN Cardio equipment is adjustable in resistance with an intelligent system to adapt the workout to the user. The user's heart rate is kept at a mimum of 65% of the maximum heart rate throughout the entire workout.  

Explore in the video below, how KOMPAN Fitness Institute research and test all innovations in collaboration with the Institute of Health at the University of Southern Denmark. 

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.


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