Hældager School Playground

GALAXY™ gets school agers active and social 

GALAXY™ gets school agers active and social 

At the Hældager school in Denmark, they turned their large black asphalt square into a colorful and cool playground that excites the school’s students. With a department for children with disabilities, it was a requirement to have an inclusive playground that would be a hit with everyone. With GALAXY™, they got just that, an exciting and challenging playground where children of all abilities can play together. 

The playground has brought new life to the school and it is now full of happy visitors from the community in the evenings and on weekends. At the Hældager school a bonus effect of the new playground is the atmosphere and liveliness it brings along, there are always people to look after the school and since the installment, they have not had any vandalism or repairs. 



A GALAXY™ of fun

A GALAXY™ of fun

The cool and untraditional play signal coming from GALAXY™ structures sparks the curiosity and desire to play in even the most resisting and inactive t(w)eens. On the large GALAXY™ Emerido structure, children are met with dynamic and challenging play activities such as climbing, spinning, balancing, rocking and swaying. All are activities that challenge the children’s agility, balance, and coordination skills. The structure’s transparent design allows for the children to interact with each other regardless of where they are on the structure. Thereby improving their social-emotional skills by using the structure’s many socializing activities.  The structure invites children to be creative and create their own social hangout spots. 









Another bonus effect has been that it creates a great atmosphere to the school. That means that there are more people to keep an eye on it. We have not had any vandalism or repairs.

Søren Klindt 



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