Frimley Lodge Park Playground

Refurbished playground makes the park attractive for everyone 

Frimley Lodge Park impresses everyone from toddlers to school-agers, even parents. With the playground's many different activities, there is something for everyone, even school-agers who often find playgrounds too babyish. It is truly a playground for the whole family, making the children want to come back time and time again, no matter their age and abilities.

Children at nearby schools, have played an important role in chosing the playground. The children were asked to pick out their favorite solutions, and in the end KOMPAN’s was the children’s favorite! The playground is also a huge hit with parents as the open layout allows them to keep an eye on their children from almost everywhere in the park. 

KOMPAN Play Institute has visited the Frimley Lodge Park, to study the use of the playground. 

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Play for all ages and abilities

The playground's large castle offers children a multitude of play activities that stimulate both their physical skills and cognitive skills, in a fantastically varied play structure with cannons and treasure boxes. The castle has an entrance that makes it possible for children of all ages and abilities to play on it. However, it also has a climbing net, that makes for a more challenging entrance. The thrilling tube slide helps children develop their spatial awareness. The double zipline provides the children with a race course, where they can challenge each other in reaching the end first. The zipline helps develop children’s social-emotional skills, such as cooperation and turn-taking. The tipi carousel provides children of all disabilities with social and physical play while lying, sitting or standing. The wheelchair carousel makes spinning around available to everybody. The spinning movements train the sense of balance and spatial awareness. 








We come again today. And we will be here next week, and the week after

Hayley Auton 


Frimley Lodge Park Playground

South East , Mytchett , England

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