Finsbury Park, London

New activity area to celebrate 150 years old park 

What better way to celebrate a 150th birthday, than with an extraordinary play area for the whole community. Finsbury Park in London wanted to create a play area for the community's older children, opening on their 150 years old birthday. As the centrepiece feature, the Super Frisbee placed in the middle of the large play area is UK’s first of its kind. It has been extremely popular and within two minutes of the opening ceremony, there was a child on every horizontal surface of the playground – and since then it has never been empty.

Realising that they haven’t been kids for a long time, the Haringey Council decided to consult with local school children to accommodate their play wishes for the new play area. So, they invited several of UK’s leading play companies to design activity areas, based on their feedback. As the winner, KOMPAN designed a unique playground meeting all the aspirations of the local children. 

Play features to WOW older kids!

With its majestic expression and endless climbing opportunities the Super Frisbee will immediately WOW children as well as parents.The big meshes allow for climbing and crawling through, training proprioception and spatial awareness. Swinging on the Cocowave Pendulum Swing, encourages social interaction in form of negotiation and cooperation, which are important social skills for children to learn. Hereto, children train their muscle strength and sense of balance, while bone density is built when jumping off the swing. Besides training children’s spatial awareness, the Large Cableway requires compromise and turn-taking, which are important social-emotional skills to practice. 





As soon as I snipped the ribbon, they just bombarded me, shoved me out of the way and raced to come in... and since then, it has never been empty!

Kirsten Hearn 

Cabinet member 

Haringey Council

Finsbury Park, London

Greater London, London N4 1BZ , United Kingdom

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