For our children and our planet

Sustainably conscious playgrounds

For a company like KOMPAN, more than 80% of carbon emissions come from the raw materials we use. So, we have dedicated our efforts to lowering our carbon emissions by using more sustainable raw materials. The result we aim for - playgrounds that do not harm our planet.
Let's be sustainably conscious

There are 2 ways to go

1. Parques infantiles sostenibles

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large wooden playground castle in Tallinn, Estonia

2. Parques infantiles que nacen verdes


We've made it easy for you

All KOMPAN playground products come with a calculation of the product's carbon emission footprint. This way, you can easily see just how much carbon emission has been derived in the production of it. All our calculations are verified by a third party - that is your proof that our sustainability claims are truthful.

Truly sustainably conscious playgrounds

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Los materiales reciclados que utilizamos

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Redes de pesca desgastadas

Residuos textiles

Residuos postconsumo

Cómo se utilizan los materiales reciclados en nuestros parques infantiles

La madera que utilizamos

Un árbol juguetón

Silvicultura sostenible

Madera de Robinia

Naturalmente resistente

Proyectando según la natura

Jugar cerca de la naturaleza

Sustainably conscious is becoming the new standard

As we find new and more sustainable materials we make sure to incorporate them in all our standard components.
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New processes


Proyectos sostenibles

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Webinar: Sustainably conscious playgrounds of recycled waste

When the 45 minutes are over, you will know the secret to creating fun and engaging sustainable playgrounds with low carbon emission. You will understand how the world's unwanted waste has been put to good use for children.

Parques infantiles con menos emisiones de carbono

Las decisiones que puedes tomar para ser más sostenible

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