Sustainably conscious playgrounds

There are 2 choices you can make

1. Playgrounds that are made green

Playgrounds made in materials that we have made greener. To do that, we use recycled waste sources that give these playgrounds a low carbon emission footprint.

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large wooden playground castle in Tallinn, Estonia

2. Playgrounds that are born green

Playgrounds where we use natural hard woods like Robinia. This sort has a long durability and does not require any chemical wood preservatives. Our Robinia wood also comes with FSC™-certification.

Sustainably conscious projects

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Girls playing on natural playground in forest at Tucker Ranch

Tucker Ranch, United States



Customer Case

children playing on a wooden playground at Maison Alfort

Maisons-Alfort, France

The wood we use

A playful tree sort

The Robinia tree is crooked and whimsical in its look. The tree's bark has deep lines that makes it look old and wise.

Sustainable forestry

Robinia grows faster than any other tree sort and is harvested from sustainable forestry in Europe.

Robinia lumber

Underneath the bark, the Robinia lumber has a beautiful, warm colour. It is soft for children to touch.

Naturally durable

Robinia wood is nature's most durable wood type. It is known for it's natural preservatives that makes it ideal for a long lifetime in the outdoors

Design on nature's terms

All Robinia play structures are pre-assembled at the factory to fit the naturally uneven wood pieces together.

wooden playground at Givskud Zoo in Denmark

Play close to nature

The Robinia wood blends in perfectly with natural surroundings.

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The recycled materials we use

fishing nets close ulp header

Outworn Fishing Nets

We use outworn fishing nets in our decks and panels.

Textile waste

We use synthetic textile waste sources in our playground posts.

closeup of recycled waste and plastic bags

Post consumer waste

We use post consumer waste in our panels and decks.

How the recycled materials are used in our playgrounds

Green - Texmade posts

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Lower carbon emission playgrounds

The choices you can make to be more sustainably conscious

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