Cliff Rider Ultimate

Wildly thrilling! The Cliff Rider Ultimate offers an immensely attractive school age children play heaven: It calls for repeated loops of action, again and again: Climbing up, down and around the richly varied accesses, with climbing cleats outside the stairs or the climbing wall accesses and gliding down the bannister bars pole is great fun! It also trains important motor skills such as balance and coordination, as well as muscles and cardio. There is no rest for the wicked on the Cliff Rider Ultimate: The intensely thrilling High Rider up in the air is for the courageous. And those who aren’t at the first go, can try out on the lower version. When testing the Cliff Rider Ultimate with children, they rated it a top scorer in thrilling play: Height, speed and rough-and-tumble was what the children really liked when playing here. They took great advantage of the fact that there were two levels of High Riders, having loops around each, and ultimately from the one to the other. From an adult perspective, the Cliff Rider has high retention and ensures constant levels of varied physical activity that train the muscle force and tension as well as the timing and sequencing of movements. Judging your body’s movements, object control as well as timing is quite a complex task, but a necessary life skill that increases body confidence and ultimately self confidence. And the self-confidence that children gain from overcoming their initial hesitations to travel on the Cliff Riders, is the more reason that they should.