Somersault, 3 Bars

The Somersault, 3 Bars, is an all-time play favourite in a cool new dressing. It is irresistable to children, and their parents. The Somersault, 3 Bars makes cooperation and sharing possible, within three varied heights. They accomodate more users and different age and ability levels. The Somersault, 3 Bars, caters for a range of play activities: hanging by the arms, swaying, training upper body muscles. Sitting on the bars with friends, sharing, and using socio-emotional skills. Or, somersaulting. Somersaulting on the Somersault, 3 Bars, helps to train children’s proprioception: the awareness of where body parts are and how to coordinate movements to fit a space. It trains the sense of balance, too, enabling the child’s secure navigation of the surroundings. Last, but not least, it is great training for major muscle groups.