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Slidning through the tunnel

Sliding stimulates children’s trunk stability and their sense of balance and space. These are important motor skills, fundamental for physic confidence.

Fun hanging out

Hanging Pods are swaying shelters at ground level and hugely attractive for children. The two Hanging Pods invite swaying meetings for all. The constant swaying adds to the fun factor – and it trains social-emotional skills such as turn-taking and empathy.

Thrilling turbo challenge

The Turbo Challenge attracts with its rich choice of wilder and milder play for managing the world confidently. The Turbo Challenge is great physical and social stimulation: Children cooperate and turn-take while spinning, hanging in legs or arms. This trains the upper body muscles, proprioception and spatial awareness, important for confidently navigating the world.

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The Sturdy Drops make for an extremely appealing, swaying break. Sitting, hanging or leaning on the drop is a calming movement, which adds to a social understanding and gives a feeling of connectedness to other players as the movements of the climbers in the big cloud above are replicated into the drops.

Spinning together

The vividly spinning Spica stimulates the sense of balance and social skills such as cooperation and turn-taking. The triangular seat shape invites up to 3 children standing. The Spica takes thinking skills and body awareness, as it spins faster, when the child holds the body close to the pole and slower, when the child lean out.

Going up or down the funnel

The Funnel Net trains cross-coordination and muscles when climbing up or down.

More levels of fun play

The elevated level play space creates a fine watch-out point, and running the coromesh is thrilling, as the child can feel height thanks to the transparency.

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