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We support outdoor areas creating happier and healthier communities

Create an outdoor play and activity space that promotes health and well-being in your community. KOMPAN supports all associations, organisations, schools, institutions, municipalities, etc. in dreaming big! We support you in your fund application process. The purpose is to help establish play and activity areas where children and adults can meet and be together while being active.


This is how we support you

  • Get inspiration from our website and catalogues

  • Explore our research on play and make it support your vision in your application

  • Let us create drawings and 3D visuals of the activity area of your dreams

  • Get a solid plan and budget for your project

Potential focus areas

Play and activity

Health and well-being are important core areas that strengthen and develop social and physical skills for both children and adults.


Topics like loneliness can be challenging to work with, but it's actually not that difficult. Loneliness most often occurs when the mental, physical and social well-being and health of children and adults goes in the wrong direction due to physical inactivity, for example.


Play and activity should be for everyone, regardless of age, level and life skills. This is also in KOMPAN's DNA and we are able to fully support you in an inclusive project.

Activity for school children

Children and young people's activity habits have changed over time, but the school playground has not. Outdoor play and fitness should be for everyone - regardless of size, experience and level, including the school's oldest children.


Sustainability and environmental concerns are concepts we have all become familiar with over the past many years. At KOMPAN, we care about the well-being of children and adults, as well as the future on our planet. Therefore, we support projects that promote environmental concerns and sustainability.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of funding?

The purpose of funding is to help establish outdoor play and activity areas supporting physical and mental well-being, and supporting the communities around the world.

When can I expect a reply?

You can expect to receive a reply to your request as soon as possible. Regarding the materials for your application (plan, budget, drawings, visuals etc.), it depends on the size of your project.

Which type of projects are supported?

Anyone who has plans to establish an outdoor activity area, outdoor playground or fitness, can apply for funding from KOMPAN no matter if you are an association, organization, institution, municipality, school, etc.

We support current and planned projects

We support your project no matter if you have already started or if it is all in the future.

What are the costs of the materials from KOMPAN?

We support you in your fund application process for free.