Agility Package 24

The Agility Package 24 is an exciting balancing and climbing experience that children want to try out, again and again. The bouncing ropes respond to the child's movements, adding an element of uncertainty and demanding concentration in every step. Meandering through the vertical ropes of the Rope Slalom, on the bouncy horizontal rope, trains the sense of balance and space. These motor skills are fundamental for cognitive skills such as concentration. The tight rope is really challenging, and when passing friends, children will practise their turn-taking skills and co-operation abilities. Children can crawl and climb their way through the rope slalom, have a climbing break on the net which then leads to the tight rope, a highly challenging part of the course where passing friends requires turn-taking and cooperative skills, so nobody touches the floor. The combination of physical and social play makes the Agility package 24 a really versatile, fun agility train that takes up little space but adds a lot of play and training for children and their parents.