Elements Cliff Rider

The amazingly taller Cliff Rider is hugely attractive to school age children. It calls for repeated loops of action, again and again. For those who have the courage to take it on, the Cliff Rider provides a thrilling ride high up in the air on a small footrest. Some children may need a bit more time and encouragement to take on the Cliff Rider on their first try, however until then, there are ample climbing and gliding on the climbing walls, climbing cleats on poles, and the fireman’s pole. When testing the Cliff Rider with children, they rated it a top scorer in thrilling play: Height, speed, and rough-and-tumble was what the children really liked when playing here. From a more adult perspective, the Cliff Rider trains the muscle force and tension as well as the timing and sequencing of movements. Judging your body’s movements, object control, as well as timing is quite a complex task, but a necessary life skill that makes it possible to, for instance, navigate the body securely and confidently through environments, e.g. in street traffic. As opposed to NOT being able to do this, the children who master these skills have body confidence, self-confidence, and ultimately the ability to concentrate on other things, such as academic topics in school. Finally, the self-confidence that children gain from overcoming their initial hesitations to travel on the Cliff Rider, is the best reason they should keep on trying.