Caring for the future of play on our planet

Sustainable playground inspiration

KOMPAN's sustainably conscious playgrounds are either 'born green' or 'made green'. These products offer the same great KOMPAN quality, just with lower carbon emissions.

2. Playgrounds that are 'made green'

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Large wooden playground castle sitting on top of sand surfacing. The castle has a large metal tunnel slide going from the top to the bottom. Showstopping pieces like this one are ideal for playground projects at zoos and other leisure facilities.

1. Playgrounds that are 'born green'

Sustainably conscious projects

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The wood we use

Beautifully natural shape

Sustainable forestry

Robinia grows faster than any other tree species and is sustainably grown and harvested in Europe.

Robinia lumber

Naturally durable

Design on nature's terms

Play close to nature

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The recycled materials we use

fishing nets close ulp header

Outworn fishing nets

Textile waste

Post-consumer waste

How the recycled materials are used in our playgrounds

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Lower carbon emission playgrounds

The choices you can make to be more sustainably conscious

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