Egeskov Castle, Denmark

The Play Forest at Egeskov Slot is a trip through the history of KOMPAN

The Play Forest is a part of the amusement park of Egeskov Castle and is one of the largest KOMPAN playgrounds in Europe. The park holds KOMPAN play structures from the early MOMENTS structures to the newest COROCORD innovations. The theme park has through the years developed their playground known as the Play Forest. The idyllic forest hosts a big play area with a variety of play opportunities for everyone – from the unique 12 meter COROCORD climbing net to the toddlers play area. The playground has been developed and expanded over the years which transforms the play experience to a time travel through the different series of KOMPAN products.

The iconic play structures with their colorful panels and with a large variation of spinners and slides mixed, the GALAXY playground delivers the perfect entertainment for the older children and climbing experiences that challenge even the adults. One of the newest additions to the forest is the Hans Christian Andersen smart playground. It facilitates both physical and virtual play where its users can learn about the adventures and fairy tales of the world-famous author. Common for all activities are that they are childfriendly and provide the highest level of safety for their users.

A place for all ages to meet, be active and socialise

On this playground you can find challenges for both children and their parents. One things is for sure, children playing here are sure to grow imporatant life skills. 








“In the play forest kids of all ages are challenged and have fun. There is something for everybody. The Play Forest is an oasis in the beech forest, surrounded by tall trees and beautiful nature. You don’t find a better place for a picnic.”

Egeskov Castle

Fyn, Kværndrup 84478, Denmark

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