Designing Universal Playgrounds

"The underestimation of the abilities of people with disabilities is a major obstacle to their inclusion and to the provision of equal opportunities” - The State of the World’s Children, 2013, Children with Disabilities, UNICEF 2013.

That is why KOMPAN is dedicated to create playgrounds with universal designs and support equality in play. With more than 40 years of experience from designing play solutions for all, including children with disabilities, and with an even further intensified focus on observational studies and insights during the last 5 years, we want to share our findings with you in our new Play For All: Universal Design for Inclusive Playgrounds publication. In this publication, we have collected these observations to share insights and new research on accessible, inclusive and universal play equipment and playgrounds, while also presenting a number of recommendations for planning. Focus on usability, thrill and play relevance makes the playgrounds great. Enjoy!



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