COROCORD™ quality materials

Engineered to last


Steel Mast

In the centre of the Spacenet is the mast, made of high-quality seamless steel. The structure of the mast as an oscillating support is statically favourable and equalises the oscillations in the Spacenet. The masts are hot-dipped as standard, and powder coating in RAL colour is optional.

Corocord Rope

Corocord ropes are special ‘Hercules’-type with galvanised six-stranded steel wires and a steel wire core, next to impossible to wear through. Each strand is tightly wrapped with PES yarn, which is melted onto each individual strand, so that after initial friction has removed the surface fibres, a harder PES coating remains to protect each strand, making the ropes highly wear- and vandalism-resistant. Tempered Corocord ropes are produced only by Corocord and used exclusively for Corocord Spacenets and Corocord rope solutions. And just in case: Worn or vandalized rope segments can be replaced in the field

'S' Clamps

Corocord ‘S’ clamps are used as universal connections in Corocord products. They are of stainless steel with a diameter of 8 mm. The ends are rounded-off, and the whole clamp is pressed around the rope, using a special hydraulic press. Therefore, they cannot be removed using conventional tools.



The PP rope in coconut style has a diameter of 150 mm. The internal steel wire core has thimbles at both ends, which serve as attachments for the rope to existing connecting elements.



Each main rope (edge rope from Spacenet) of equipment with four tensioning points is equipped with an additional safety rope. Should one of the main connections fail, the safety rope ensures the stability of the Spacenet.



Corocord membranes consist of friction-proof rubberised material of conveyor belt quality with excellent UV resistance. Tested and comply with strict PAH requirements. Embedded is a four-layered armouring made of woven polyester. The armouring and the two surface layers result in a total thickness of 7.5 mm. The membranes are extremely difficult to damage using a pen knife in contrast to the usual tent material with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm. Membranes



Corocord aluminium clamps are used as connectors between steel posts and rope. Two aluminium castings are screwed together. The height of the clamps is thus variable.



Corocord membranes are made of abrasionand UV-resistance rubber with a four-ply reinforcement polyester fabric. Corocord products with armouring and two surface layers have a total thickness of 7.5 mm. Due to the design, the membranes are cut-resistant and virtually indestructible.