Capestone Fitness, Australia

An Outdoor Gym for an Active Community.

An Outdoor Gym for an Active Community.

Capestone, near Brisbane, is home to a young and modern community that values a healthy and active lifestyle. To provide the residents with a place to work out, the developer wanted to install a modern fitness area in one of the largest parks in the estate.  

The residents love the new fitness are with its diverse training options and see it as a great amenity. They are especially enthusiastic about the smart technology and the KOMPAN Fitness App, as it allows them to tailor the workout to their individual needs. Whether beginner or expert, it is the ideal place to exercise with neighbors, family, and friends. 


Effective Training through smart technology

Effective Training through smart technology

The circuit training stations contain high-quality and advanced fitness equipment on which residents of all fitness levels can train. On the parallel bars, users can perform the basics such as push-ups or dips, while the pull-up bars offer a variety of exercises through different handles such as rotating gym rings, balls, and bars with varying diameters. The KOMPAN Magnetic Bells are particularly suitable for muscle building. The user can choose between light, medium and heavy weights to perfectly suit their own abilities. While exercising, inspiration can be found on the integrated activity boards or via the KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness App. The app helps to use the equipment correctly and to create a personalized fitness program.

Beside cross training, a comprehensive workout also includes cardio workout. The outdoor bikes offer the ideal training for endurance. The level of difficulty can be adjusted individually and is therefore prefect for beginners. With its many possibilities, the fitness place is perfect for training alone or in a group and should not be missing in any neighborhood.





I think one of the big advantages was the smart technology and the apps. People can get out there and plan their own workout. 

Luke Micali 

Senior Landscape Architect

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